Kerala also known as “GOD’S OWN COUNTRY” is a beautiful state situated on the India’s tropical Malabar coast alongside the sea shoreline draped with spectacular Palm lined beaches, the lush green valleys and mountains, the graceful lakes and backwaters and the opaque waterfalls and much more graceful places that your eyes will never tire on feasting upon…

This beautiful state enchants the tourists because of its endless list of destinations and is also popular for its scenic beauty, rich heritage and culture. Also, this place is well known for relaxing your soul, for awakening the wildness in you by Jungle safaris, and trekking along the mystic hills .To be honest,  the list is endless.

So, let’s explore these amazing destinations that are ready to captivate you by their charming and scenic beauty.


 Fort Kochi, located on the southwestern coast of India, is a beautiful city of Kerala. This city is famous for its enchanting rural, commercial and industrial life. It is popular for its charming seaside area, where there are a handful of water bound regions interconnected with each other. Fort kochi is also known for its Dutch, Portuguese and British Colonial architecture. You can also enjoy food and shopping at upscale eateries and cafes and also, shopping in the markets. Truth is, the admirable city awaits you at every turn!


Munnar, located in the western ghats and above 1600m from the sea level is a beautiful town in Kerala. It is a beautiful hill station carpeted with lush green tea plantation valleys and hills. This beautiful town is a dreamy gateway especially for nature lovers. As the sweeping view across the valleys can’t be absorbed in a quick glance. Beyond the lush green hills and valleys the land also have beautiful resorts for honeymooners. Also, make sure to enjoy village folk songs that will croon your heart.

 The above picture doesn’t do justice to this breathtaking place. So this beautiful place with its astonishing views tops the bucket list.


Kumarakom, is a small but serenic tourist destination in the Kottayam district on Vembanad lake. This beautiful village is laced with the oppressive canals, where the houseboats ply on the water. The lake surrounded by the luscious mountains with a dazzling view will make you awestruck. Kumarakom also boasts of a bird sanctuary, with birds from as far as Siberia and Europe.

And not to miss! The astonishing resorts in Kumarakom are popular amongst India and are worth staying.


The Athirapally waterfalls in the Sholayar ranges of Western Ghats is one of the most picturesque places in India. The symphony created by the strings of dazzling white water cascading down the rocks into the turquoise water is  such a wonder that we have been blessed by mother nature that will surely make your jaw drops and leave you awestruck. It is also rich with its variety of flora and Fauna.


Varkala beach also known as “Papanasam Beach” is the cliff beach which is a pearl of Arabian sea. It is situated in the coastal city of Varkala in Thiruvananthapuram District, and is among the most beautiful beaches in India. The long seeping bay of striking white sand, the blue water mischievously crawling under your feet and the bent palm trees swaying with the air this spectacular place will leave you in awe…

The feel of this beach is really exotic and is such a wanderlust that travelers in you crave for!

Besides pristine beaches, tea plantation, the waterfalls and backwaters, Kerala is also home to rich culture, architectural museums, and also the exquisite cuisines and spices with a vast variety of food and beautiful resorts.

This place is purely magical, the more you wander the more you will explore as the rare and serene sights reveal at every turn and are hard to behold. You will surely not regret coming here because while going back  you will have with you a treasure of  beautiful memories of your heart warming journey.


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